Ready to Start your Journey? [THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION]

  1. Decide which package is best for you:


*Cost Compare to what else is out there: a typical 8 week block = £56-£80 and depending on when you get started, you may get in 2 Blocks = £112-160. Subscriptions to online yoga platforms typically cost £10-£15/month (of course YouTube is free, but there’s no guarantee on the quality of the content or the training of the teacher).

2. Fill in and Send the Form Below


If you Shop Ekotex, an Edinburgh-based small business committed to the environment, use code PEGGY10 for a discount!

3. Get the equipment you need:

  • YOGA MAT (Essential): There are LOTS of different types of yoga mats. My advice is to decide on your budget, look for something between 3-6mm in thickness and go eco-friendly if you can. I have used the Sweaty Betty Eco Yoga Mat for several years and been very happy with it.
  • BLANKET (Essential): Whatever material you fancy (fleece, fuzzy, knitted, woven) a blanket is a great prop to place under your knees, to fold to sit on and to keep you cozy during meditation.
  • 1 (or 2) Foam Yoga Bricks (Highly Recommended): There are specific videos in the library that demonstrate how to use yoga bricks (as a seat, to gain pelvic floor awareness, for upper body exercises and more). Can be purchased through many retailers, but here’s link to Ekotex
  • 1 Yoga Strap (aka Belt) (Highly Recommended): There are specific videos in the library that demonstrate how to use a yoga strap (as a way to stretch hamstrings and to strengthen arms). Both Bricks and Straps are the two props that many people think they don’t need, but once they get them, are so glad that they did! Can be purchased through many retailers, but here’s a link to Ekotex
  • Yoga Bolster (Treat yourself): Although a pillow or two can be used as a substitution, a yoga bolster is a real treat to work with in Restorative postures. Videos in the library will demonstrate when this prop (or its substitution) can be used. I highly recommend the ones from Ekotex. Feel free to browse the site for other meditation cushions, lavender eye pillows etc that you may enjoy!
  • ***If there are several pieces of equipment you need, consider a bundle from Ekotex***
  • Exercise Ball (Highly Recommended): Although this isn’t a ‘yoga prop’, it is an incredible seat for promoting good posture, offering comfort for sitting as your pregnancy progresses and helpful in active labour. Available at many sports/online retailers.