Q: When will in person classes begin again?

A: The Scottish Government announced that gyms and leisure centres can reopen on 31 August. The venues I teach at will have their own timelines and some have allowed classes to resume, while others are still closed. I will continue to update the website and my social media pages to reflect new developments. Here’s a few things to expect when joining in person:

  1. Each venue will have rules in place about social distancing and hygiene, which will be explained and must be adhered to.
  2. If you or someone in your household has any symptoms of COVID-19, you must not come to class.
  3. To ensure a safe, socially distanced class environment all classes you wish to attend must be booked in advance through  my new online booking system. (No more class cards or cash payments, for hygiene reasons).
  4. You must bring your own yoga mat and any props you enjoy using (blocks or blankets) to class with you (for hygiene reasons). My students get a special discount with Ekotex with code PEGGY10.
  5. There is likely to be a transition period where online and in person classes run side by side.

Q: I don’t do regular exercise and am not flexible, can I still do yoga?

A: YES!! Please do yoga!! A journey has to start somewhere & yoga can meet you wherever you are in your health & fitness to take you to wherever you want to be. I have seen dramatic improvement in my own yoga & in those I’ve worked with through consistent practice and regular class attendance.

Q: I have an injury/health condition. Can I still do yoga?

A: In many cases yoga is a very positive activity for those with prior injuries or current conditions, but always ask your doctor for advice. You will be asked to fill out a welcome form via the booking system that has space for you to detail any injuries/conditions you are experiencing. I always encourage people to take things at their own pace and modify poses as needed, but please remember that I am not a medical doctor and I can only provide general advice about modifications. Every pose is an invitation, so always work within your own ability and remember yoga is here to support your health.

Q: Where can I get a yoga mat?

A: Yoga mats are everywhere nowadays, BUT I’ve become an affiliate of Ekotex, an Edinburgh based company committed to eco-friendly products. Enter PEGGY10 at checkout to receive your special student discount! Ask me about mats so you can choose the one that’s right for you (I’ve specially ordered a few for classes to try). Mat bags, blocks, blankets, meditations cushions, and luxurious bolsters are waiting for you! Visit: Ekotex

Q: Can I bring children to your classes?

A: My in-person classes are designed for adults. Yoga is time for you and your mat. We all love our families, but we also need dedicated self-care time. With new social distancing measures, it is understandable that people’s lives are more intertwined with their families, so I’ve created specific family yoga videos on YouTube.

Q: Can I do yoga if I’m pregnant?

A: Yoga can be a great thing during pregnancy, however, my classes would only be right within the first trimester (particularly if you are a current student…new students I would recommend go straight to pregnancy yoga). After the first trimester or once you feel too many modifications of our practice are necessary, switch to a pregnancy yoga class that will be better able to support you. Keep in touch though(!) and feel free to join back in when you’re ready.

Q: What type of yoga do you teach?

A: I am a Hatha and Restorative Yoga teacher.

Still have a Question? Get in touch! Email: yoga.reiki.peggy@gmail.com