Q: I don’t do regular exercise and am not flexible, can I still do yoga?

A: YES!! Please do yoga!! A journey has to start somewhere & yoga can meet you wherever you are in your health & fitness to take you to wherever you want to be. I have seen dramatic improvement in my own yoga & in those I’ve worked with through consistent practice and regular class attendance.

Q: I have an injury/health condition. Can I still do yoga?

A: In many cases yoga is a very positive activity for those with prior injuries or current conditions, but always ask your doctor for advice. At your first class, you will be asked to fill out a welcome form that has space for you to detail any injuries/conditions you are experiencing. I always encourage people to take things at their own pace and modify poses as needed, but please remember that I am not a medical doctor and that in a group class, I can only provide general advice about modifications. Every pose is an invitation, so always work within your own ability and remember yoga is here to support your health.

Q: Can I bring children to your classes?

A: My classes are designed for adults. Yoga is time for you and your mat. We all love our families, but we also need dedicated self-care time.

Q: What does Namaste mean?

A: Namaste is a word in Sanskrit, the ancient language of India where yoga originated. It means ‘I honour the divine light in you that is also in me and when you are in that space and I am in that space, we are one’. I say ‘Namaste’ at the end of a yoga class to thank you for participating and invite you to return a ‘Namaste’ back!

Q: Are there good videos/books about Yoga that I can work with at home?

  1. For Short ‘Go to’ Yoga sequences, check out my Facebook Videos https://www.facebook.com/pg/yoga.reiki.peggy/videos/
  2. For longer YouTube classes Yoga with Adriene https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene or Janet Stone (with Lululemon) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ijhy1VBUWh0 provide some good beginner instruction.
  3. For books, ‘The Yoga Bible’ by Christina Brown in a concise and handy reference & one of my personal favourites is a workbook made by Paperchase called ‘My Yoga Companion’, which includes a 30 day yoga plan https://www.paperchase.com/en_gb/catalogsearch/result/?q=yoga%20companion

Still have a Question? Get in touch! Email: yoga.reiki.peggy@gmail.com