All Classes are Paused from July 2021 as I prepare for and get to know my new baby

Classes have previously run in Kinghorn, Burntisland, Aberdour and Dalgety Bay. To be notified when classes restart, create an account via my booking system.

Whether we’re practicing in person or online, safety and health are my top priorities. Yoga is a great way to gain a greater sense of wellbeing. In classes, I’ll teach you to move through a series of yoga poses to gain flexibility, strength, mobility and relaxation. Beginners, newcomers, super-stretchers and everyone in between are all welcome.

All poses are invitations and I encourage people to take things at their own pace, listen to their own bodies, and learn more about themselves in a compassionate and non-judgemental space.

Please note: While I can provide general advice about yoga poses/modifications, am not a medical doctor and as my student (in person or online) you agree to take responsibility for your own health.

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