nidra naps nights logoYoga Nidra is a special kind of guided meditation that leads you into the deeply relaxing and creative place between waking and sleeping. Nidra Naps are shorter meditation that focus on one aspect of Yoga Nidra, giving you a break so you can return to your day with a clearer, calmer mind. Nidra Nights are designed to lead you to sleep or a time of dedicated rest.

So make yourself comfortable, take a deep breath and let’s begin…

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Nidra Naps

Nidra Nights

In these stressful times, I hope Nidra Naps & Nights provide a spaces for rest and relaxation. As an American settled in Scotland, I send the wave sounds recorded at the beach in Burntisland, Fife that open and close each meditation around the world with good wishes of peace. Some of my listeners have asked to make a donation in thanks for free content, this can be done via Paypal. I hope you and yours remain healthy and safe. Namaste, Peggy

*Disclaimer: By listening to the meditations you do so of your own free will and understand you are responsible for your own health. Please find a safe place to listen to meditations (i.e. not while driving or doing anything requiring full attention).