In-person Reiki sessions are paused for now. You are welcome to join online group meditation sessions and if you are interested in an online session of Reiki and meditation, please be in touch.

In the meantime, you can learn more by listening to the Chakra Meditation below. To express interest:



Most people find Reiki a deeply relaxing experience, that is calming and life-affirming.

  • First we’ll talk about your experience of Reiki (if any) and what you hope to gain from a session.
  • I’ll set you up in a Restorative Yoga posture (supported by props, pillows and blankets)
  • I’ll lead you through a guided relaxation
  • The Reiki session will begin as I place hands on or above your ‘chakra points’
  • I’ll gently bring you back at the end of the session and we’ll have a conversation about your experience


Something that you are comfortable lying down in.



Still unsure what Reiki is all about? Some clients have said…

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to my first Reiki session with Peggy, but it was a truly uplifting experience. I felt an electric energy course through my body and clear through my head and heart. After my session, I felt a new level of calm and my mood completely lifted. I pretty much floated out the door at the end! I don’t really understand completely how Reiki works, but I cannot dispute the results. So if you want to improve your mind and body balance give it a try – you will feel fabulous.” Sarah