All private sessions are paused for now. If you’re interested to learn more or book a session email:


Do you have a particular issue (such as shoulder aches, hip tension, back pain, or trouble sleeping) that you would like to address? A private session will enable you to get advice about how yoga can help support you.

Are you hooked on yoga and want to dive deeper into your practice or are just starting out and want to learn more? A private session is the perfect time to focus on your goals.

How the first session works:

  • I’ll email you a form to get to know you and what you’d like to focus on
  • We’ll arrange a mutually agreed upon time
  • I’ll spend the first 20 minutes instructing you through simple exercises so you understand more about your range of motion and we create a baseline for you.
  • I’ll then lead you through specially designed sequences that target what you’d like to work on. These will be recorded so you can practice on your own.
  • We’ll finish with breathing techniques, forming a personal affirmation or meditation
  • Questions welcome throughout
  • We’ll then agree whether you’d like to arrange further session and go from there!


Are you loving yoga classes, want to go further, but can’t afford individual sessions? Think about establishing a working group! Grab 2 friends, decide on what you all want to achieve (going deeper into meditation, developing greater upper body strength, mastering particular poses – splits – crow…the sky’s the limit!) and then ask me about setting up a working group for you. We’ll agree how many times we’ll meet and for how long.