All private sessions are currently taking place online. If you’re interested to learn more or book a session email:


Do you have a particular issue (such as shoulder aches, hip tension, back pain, or trouble sleeping) that you would like to address? A private session will enable you to get advice about how yoga can help support you.

Are you hooked on yoga and want to dive deeper into your practice? A private session is the perfect time to focus on your goals.


  • We’ll have an initial conversation to identify what you’re hoping for as well as determine the length and frequency of the session(s)
  • I’ll create special sequences just for you and we’ll schedule a session
  • We’ll do some warm ups to get you comfortable
  • I’ll assess the areas you identify as causing your issues
  • We’ll go through a series of poses (recorded on a worksheet) so we have a baseline to work from
  • You’ll gain confidence, skills and knowledge to continue working at home


Are you loving yoga classes, want to go further, but can’t afford individual sessions? Think about establishing a working group! Grab 2 friends, decide on what you all want to achieve (going deeper into meditation, developing greater upper body strength, mastering particular poses – splits – crow…the sky’s the limit!) and then ask me about setting up a working group for you. We’ll agree how many times we’ll meet and for how long.


For now, Private Sessions will take place on Zoom.


£40/hour, to be paid prior to the session.