A Time to Feel Great with Yoga!

Upcoming Yoga Goddess Workshop:

Introduction to Arm Balancing

Hosted Online via Zoom

Sunday 22 November 10am-12pm

If you dream of handstands and headstands, want to learn crow pose and take your yoga practice into your own hands (pun intended), this is the workshop for you. I’ll be teaching you techniques to take the first step in your arm balancing journey, steps that you get to take within the comfort of your own home. Yoga experience with me required, but no other experience necessary, as this will be an introduction. So grab your water, clear a space beside a wall and get ready to logon.

Sign up: https://yogawithpeggy.yoganme.co/

Past Workshop Themes:

Listen to your Body Feb 2020: This workshop will give practical tips on how to ‘listen to your body’ during yoga practice. We’ll tune into our inner voices and practice responding with compassion, learn where our limits are and how to push them safely or back off as well as gain confidence in each of our own yoga rhythms!

Festive Yoga December 2019: If you’re around Fife for Christmastime and are missing yoga, come along! We’ll be making peace with 2019, welcoming the present, and ringing in 2020, yoga-style.

Day Retreat! October 2019: Treat yourself to a wonderful day of yoga and meditation. We’ll start with a hatha practice, dive deep into your favourite poses & challenge poses with some interactive activities, and then get some nourishing relaxation with restorative poses and Yoga Nidra.

Yes/No August 2019: With Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga and Mediation we’ll be saying ‘YES’ to things we want in life and ‘NO’ to things we’d rather leave behind.

Ma Durga June 2019: You’ll sweat, you’ll be sore and you’ll love it! Experience challenging hatha sequences inspired by Ma Durga, the fierce feminine ancient Indian Goddess and then recollect your energies with restorative postures & Yoga Nidra.

Hestia May 2019: Inspired by Hestia, Goddess of Home & Hearth, you’ll learn how to build your own home practice with easy to remember hatha yoga sequences for morning, noon & night. Then, experience the deep relaxation of Yoga Nidra.

Balance March 2019: Using Hatha yoga, Yin yoga and Guided Meditations, we’ll balance our bodies and minds, learn about how yin/yang, shakti/shiva, male/female philosophies and archetypes apply to our lives, and explore where we hold tension in our bodies in order to let it all go!

Start the Year Right January 2019:  Kick the January blues and set yourself up for an amazing 2019 by connecting with your inner Yoga Goddesses through a ‘feel good’ series of hatha yoga, yin yoga, and guided meditations.