IMG_2670I get a lot of questions about what yoga mats and props to buy, so I’ve become an affiliate with Ekotex, a Edinburgh-based company committed to eco-friendly products. Check out the reviews below and feel free to ask me more about different products.

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Meet the Karma Mat! This mat has rate the favourite among my classes. It combines stability, cushion, and grip.



Meet the Sticky Mat! This is a great mat for beginners. It combine cushion and grip at an affordable price.



Meet the Kurma Mat! This is a mat for life. It is a strong surface the promises durability and grip that builds overtime (like other ‘pro style’ mats). Not for those looking for extra cushion for kneeling poses.


Meet the Reclaim Cork Mat! This mat definitely has the ‘cool factor’. I’m also a fan of the lovely texture that gains grip as you yoga. It has a cushioned backing, but it a ‘thinner’ style mat, so not for those who crave cushion for kneeling postures.

Ekotex has other lovely products as well and my top 5 are:

  1. Yoga Bolster: The absolute luxury for Restorative Postures. (These are on my Birthday list!)
  2. Yoga Block: The light prop that can come with you everywhere for a mini seat, arm extension (for poses like Triangle), and point of resistance when you want to strengthen your pelvic floor (in poses like Boat)
  3. Mat Bag: Carry your mat in style, have room for your keys/wallet (and never forget your class card again! hehe)
  4. Kidney Meditation Cushion: The perfect seat for your home sanctuary (or for watching TV crossed-legged…who doesn’t like a yoga/TV combo?)
  5. Yoga Belt/Strap: I bring these to class occasionally and they are a great way to add resistance to seated stretches.